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I can be funny sometimes.

HEY GLAMMERS!! Finally got around to filming my 10 MIN MAKEUP LOOK for you guys!!
A lot of y'all have been requesting it on my snapchat so here ya go! I hope y'all like it !

It's really hard doing my makeup without my glasses and contacts and I know If I have a problem with something, I know someone else does too.

Today's video is an in depth video on how I achieve a flawless face! Whenever I take these steps I end up looking airbrushed ALL day!

Hi guys!!! The Beauty Bakerie has finally come out with a foundation!!! Will it pass the test?! Find out today!

These are the best foundations for POC. Finding the best foundations can be tough for people of color and darker skintones.

My beauty blender is a product I can't live without, but if you aren't using it correctly you aren't getting all the benefits from this tiny sponge!

Hey Everyone! Today's video is on a Beauty Blender Hack I've been dying to share with you guys! I put together a tutorial showing the BEST way to clean your beauty blender sponge.