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omg I have pink hair what!!!

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In this video you can see how to do a root retouch that covers your grey hair and ensures an even color result from root to tip. Indeed, when your hair color is growing out, you need to make sure to color you hair perfectly, so follow our expert's step-by-step tips.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Perform an allergy alert test 48 hours before each product use.

Step 2: Choose a permanent level 3 coloration. Tinting and lightening would not cover your grey hair.

Step 3: As your roots grow out in a different shade, it is very important that you follow the application time to reach an even color result.

Step 4: Protect your clothes with a towel

Step 5: Unpack the box which contains all the components of your coloration.

Step 6: Put on the gloves that you find attached to the instruction leaflet.

Step 7: Use the mixture immediately on your dry, not pre-washed hair. Apply it first to your roots and massage it in.

Step 8: Apply the coloration