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7 years ago
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So I finally did a video showing you guys how to use this brush set! I purchased mine 2-3 months ago online and have been meaning to do this demo! Hope it helps... unfortunately the price of the brush set has been raised a whole $140 since I purchased them. My order for the 10 piece set was $440, and now the cost is $580) which is seriously disappointing. That being said I still like the brushes a LOT so you can make the decision yourself if you want to try them or maybe try one individually.

Artis Elite Mirror 10 Brush Set: http://bit.ly/1nYLMjj (they also have other coloured sets like gold & grey but I got the white/silver)
Premier Brush Cleaning Pad: http://bit.ly/1TZLLII
All Artis Products: http://bit.ly/22ENOSN

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