How To Apply Eyeliner Along The Waterline


You can make your eyelashes seem fuller and define them by applying eyeliner to your waterline.  Using cosmetics in this fashion will emphasize your eyes and make them look beautiful.

You may already put eyeliner below your lower lashes and above your upper lashes.  When you apply eyeliner to your waterline however, you do so above your lower lashes along the inside rim surrounding your eye, and along the inside rim underneath your top lashes.

By using eyeliner on your waterline, you will create a bolder appearance with makeup that gets you noticed.  You may like this look all day long, or prefer to use it in the evening when your eyes require extra definition.

You will need a soft kohl eyeliner pencil, as hard eyeliner will be more difficult to apply.  Many people use black eyeliner to make their eyelashes seem fuller, but if it’s your intention to add color rather than definition to frame your eyes, you may choose any color that suits you.

It’s easiest to apply eyeliner to your waterline when you haven’t yet put on eyeshadow that could smudge during application.  Begin by applying eyeliner to your upper waterline.  This can be achieved more easily if you stand in front of a mirror, and use the fingertips of the hand corresponding to the eye being made up to gently lift the eye area closest to the middle of your eye.  Your fingertips should touch and lift in the eyebrow area, rather than being too close to your eye. Be gentle, and don’t overstretch your eyelid.

Stroke eyeliner on this area before moving your fingertips further towards the edge of your eye and then closer to your inner eye.  When applying eyeliner to this area be light handed, as too much eyeliner applied close to the socket area is likely to end up clumping unattractively as the hours pass by.

Apply the same technique to your lower waterline, and again, be careful not to be heavy handed when it comes to filling in the part of the waterline closest to your inner eye socket, unless you are willing to keep touching up your makeup as eyeliner gathers in a clump.

For upper lash definition and fullness, without the less than subtle effect eyeliner on the lower waterline can produce, you may choose to only use kohl on your upper waterline.  You can also experiment by wearing black kohl on your upper waterline and a vibrant color on your lower waterline to create a dramatic effect.