Working With a Wedding Makeup Artist


Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day.  While many women are comfortable applying their own makeup, hiring a wedding makeup artist helps the bride feel special and helps ensure her makeup looks great in photographs.  The following suggestions will help a bride find the right wedding day makeup artist for the big day.

Ask to See the Wedding Makeup Portfolio

Makeup artists who have been working as an artist regularly will have a portfolio available for prospective clients to review.  A portfolio is designed to showcase the best work of the makeup artist.  When looking for a wedding makeup artist, it is important to see examples of other wedding makeup applications.

While looking through the portfolio, it is important to pay attention to the smaller details.  For example, a well-rounded makeup artist will showcase people with a variety of skin tones, different makeup looks, and a wide range of ages. 

Makeup artists who are at the start of their career may not have an extensive portfolio to share with potential clients.  Often, makeup artists who are seeking to build their portfolio will lower the price in exchange for copies of professional photographs.  This helps them build a portfolio for the future.

In addition to reviewing the makeup artist’s portfolio, always ask for references.  Past clients will provide honest feedback about the work performed by the artist.  Beyond the technical skill of the artist, it is important to ask about punctuality, the ability to multi-task, and how he or she worked under pressure.  If the makeup artist will be working with the entire bridal party, it is important that he or she also work well with a variety of individuals and styles.

Doing a Wedding Makeup Trial Run

A common practice in the wedding makeup industry is to offer the bride a wedding makeup trial run.  Some makeup artists will offer a trial makeup session free of charge, while others may build the cost of the trial run into the overall price. 

A wedding makeup trial application allows the bride and the makeup artist to discuss the expectations for the wedding day, as well as try out several styles of makeup.  In addition, the bride will get a sneak peek into how she will look on her wedding day, which can help with pre-wedding stress.

A bride should bring photos to her wedding makeup trial run, or when meeting with the makeup artist for the first time.  Clippings from bridal magazines work well to demonstrate the styles of makeup the bride likes.  It is also helpful to bring examples of makeup styles that the bride does not like.  Communicating through photo examples helps create a clear understanding of what the bride would like to look like on her wedding day.

A good makeup artist will not only apply makeup well, but will be fun and enjoyable to work with.  On the other hand, it is also important for the bride to be honest about her preferences.  Bother parties being open to ideas and working together will help the bride look and feel her best on the wedding day.